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peristaltic pumps - hose pumps




dosing pump, pump for abrasives, for corrosive, alimentary, paste industries and dosing pump.

Italian industrial factory producing peristaltic pumps: dosing, for abrasives, for corrosive, alimentary and paste industries.

Working principle

The casing contains a special high elasticity and resistance hose, which is flanged at both ends (connections). The flanges are connected to the suction and discharge lines of the system. Within the casing is a rotor with two rollers at opposite points about its centre line and mounted on a shaft with bearings. As a result of the rotor pivoting, the hose is totally compressed by the rollers and the product within the hose is pushed forward. The sucking action comes as  restores its original cylindrical form after compression. The worn surface must be lubricated with siliconic grease.


Are available even with fiber reinforced constructions, in a lot of compounds to choose according to service conditions.


Easy to clean and sterilize.

The pumped fluid doesn't contact any mechanical part.

Simply adjustable.

Few wearing part.

Easy maintenance, low cost, short down time.

Lubrication with siliconic grease.

Metering for capacities up to 1000 L/H and discharge pressure up to 2 bar

Pressure for capacities up to 20.000 L/H and discharge pressure up to 10 bar


Italian factory producing : peristaltic pump for muds abrasives, corrosives, alimentary. Muds, abrasive and alimentary.


Expecially tested on mud, abrasive, alimentary and corrosive products.


No wearing parts: the worn surface must be lubricated with siliconic grease.



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